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Meal Replacement Shake

Benefits of Shake:

The scientifically formulated Carlo’s Effect Shake is a meal replacement shake that provides optimal nutrition in a targeted and more effective way than a normal meal.

Some key characteristics of the Shake include:

· It makes use of a much better, cleaner and healthier energy source than sugar, to facilitate a cleaner metabolism

· It contains prebiotics, enzymes and minerals to facilitate optimal gut function and health

· It supports the hormone system to bring it into balance (including improved absorption of nutrients and improved energy dynamics)

· It supports optimal brain function

Other benefits of taking the Meal Replacement Shake:

· Improves mental focus, concentration, memory and positive emotions

· Actively targeting the causes and symptoms of diseases like diabetes and cancer

· Assists with weight loss

· Increases cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure

· Improves energy levels

· Effective element in the fight against allergies, osteoarthritis pain and inflammation

· Allows for better sleep

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